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Conversion Testing and Reporting

A Conversion Optimization campaign can significantly increase landing page conversion rates and turn page views into profits. eVisible takes conversion optimization programs from the ground up, beginning with establishing an understanding of the goals of our clients and their industry. After performing our own research and consulting with our clients, we begin the testing process. Our experts review a variety of testing options such as new regions or elements before determining a plan of action that meets your marketing goals for landing page optimization.

Split Testing

One of the most effective forms of landing page testing is A/B Split Testing. This compares a current web page design with a potential new design layout, which can have new elements such as text, graphics or video. Testing can be performed with a small sample size to give an accurate assessment of how effective the page is at capturing people's attention and driving them to sales.

Multivariate Testing

After A/B Split Testing determines a creative web design that offers a chance for higher landing page conversions, the next step is performing a multivariate test. This tests individual elements within a web page such as colors, buttons, text and images to determine which visual elements are the most effective. Tests can be run with hundreds of variations, providing a large pool of data to collect in order to determine the best possible combinations.

Potential Multivariate Testing Elements

  • Actionable Phrases
  • Page Headlines
  • Images and Video
  • Font Colors and Sizes
  • Navigation Elements
  • Sales Offers
  • Required Legal Statements
  • Awards and Reviews
  • Graphic Design Elements
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