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Web Design Services

A large part of how successful your website's SEO campaign will be is determined by your site's design. An SEO friendly design incorporates elements that are visually engaging in a way that is rewarded by the top search engines like Google and Bing. Each element of your website's design can play a crucial role in how it is viewed by search engines...and by customers. Text fonts and colors, layout and images are just some of the elements that go into a solid landing page design and putting the right pieces together can be a tricky proposition.

eVisible can make sure that your website is attractive to visitors and friendly to search engines. We'll help you to design a landing page and internal pages with strong calls-to-action, engaging graphics and a smart use of interactive elements. When we work with client on web design, our number one goal is to make sure their website aids them in achieving their conversion goals. We use a variety of tactics - tailored to each client - to ensure that this happens.

Current Site Assessment

The first step we take in our landing page optimization process is to review your current website's layout. We'll discuss the elements of your site that are strong and help you to understand how other elements need to be improved. Website design is a continually developing process, and we understand the latest concepts in landing page development and website optimization that need to be reflected in your site layout.

Building an Architecture for Success

A strong web design is based on principles developed over years of research and real-world application. Some of the elements, such as color schemes, fonts and placement of content, are obvious to the people who visit your site. But many of the most important elements of proper web design for SEO purposes happen "under the hood" and require a professional web design company and SEO firm such as eVisible to undertake.

We'll build your website architecture in a way that makes it easy for spiders from search engines such as Google and Bing to index your content. We'll also put your content in "silos" to let people get everything they need without leaving your site. We'll also engage in mobile website design to help your customers get the best user experience on their smartphones, tablets and other portable devices.

eVisible can work with your existing web design team to improve your site's layout or start from scratch in developing new templates and custom landing pages for your site. Contact us today to learn more about our full range of web design services targeted at improving your online sales and search engine placement.

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