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Frequently Asked Questions

How important is web design to the success of my website?

It's extremely critical. The layout and architecture of your website can play a crucial role in driving people to the right pages on your site, encouraging them to make purchases and setting the right tone that is appealing to your customers. In addition, the website design can also help you rank higher for your key search terms with major search engines. An SEO friendly design makes it easy for spiders from search engines such as Google and Bing to index your page, improving your overall page rank.

What are some of the SEO web design tactics you use?

We use a wide range of tactics in order to design attractive and SEO friendly websites for our clients. Our services run the gamut from creating a template for the overall look of the site (including color schemes, column layouts and fonts) to designing custom landing pages from special areas of the site. We'll also review and improve the site architecture so the hierarchy of your pages is streamlined and meets Google's and Bing's SEO requirements and preferences.

Which technology is right to use as the basis for my website?

eVisible believes that each clients' website is unique, which is why we recommend different approaches for each client based on their needs and target audience. In general, we believe that a clean and simple landing page design is one that will appeal to customers and make it easy to navigate your website. The use of technology such as Flash, Java or embedded video can make your site more interactive, but often slows down your site or leads to a poor mobile website design. Using multimedia will depend on who your customers are and what you are selling or promoting on your site.