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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Conversion Optimization?

Conversion Optimization is a complete process of landing page optimization that improves the results you get when visitors come to your site. The process starts with a full analysis of each client's web pages, customers and competition. From there, we develop a strategy for success and begin creating new landing pages through the process of A/B testing. Through research, testing and refinement, we are able to create more effective landing pages for our clients.

What is unique about the Conversion Optimization services offered by eVisible?

When clients work with eVisible, you get direct and personal contact from a dedicated staff with years of experience in the SEO industry. Unlike many other firms, clients work with the same team of experienced staff members from the time they start their campaign, all the way through completion. This allows us to act quickly to changes and integrate services such as Conversion Optimization or SEO tactics meant to improve search engine ranking.

Do you just test landing pages?

As part of our Conversion Optimization programs, eVisible tests all aspects of our clients' websites. This includes homepages, product pages, registration pages and more. We also make sure that we test similar pages together in order to assure proper standards are being met during the testing process.

What do you test?

There's practically no limit to what we can and will test during the process of optimizing landing pages. Some of the elements tested include:

  • Actionable Phrases
  • Page Headlines
  • Images and Video
  • Font Colors and Sizes
  • Navigation Elements
  • Sales Offers
  • Required Legal Statements
  • Awards and Reviews
  • Graphic Design Elements

What kind of reporting do you provide?

Your project coordinator will email you regularly-scheduled reports that detail the landing page conversion rate for various pages, testing that is being undertaken and expected results from implementing new pages. Your contact at eVisible is always available for phone calls or meetings to further discuss the results and review current Conversion Optimization strategies with our clients.

What can I do before the Conversion Optimization begins?

It's important to be running paid traffic to your website so that eVisible can obtain statistics on your performance before a campaign starts. We can perform testing on sites with more than 1,000 visitors per month through organic traffic that are not running PPC campaigns. We can also help you if you need to set up your own, unique website or landing page. We will create the page or site for you and use that as the launch point for our Conversion Optimization process.

When is the right time for Conversion Optimization?

There's no better time than now to start! Many companies spend thousands of dollars on PPC and SEO campaigns to achieve higher search engine rankings but ignore the conversion rates on their landing pages. Making an investment on attracting leads is useless if they don't turn into sales, so it's important to make sure potential customers become actual customers.

What does eVisible need from me?

Among the valuable things our clients can provide ahead of time in order to make the Conversion Optimization process as smooth as possible are:

  • Your reasons for working with us and your goals for the program
  • Original page files in order to grab images and content for new pages
  • Website access in order to easily add testing code and upload finished pages

While direct access is the best method, we are more than comfortable to work with your internal website team to add new code and pages to your website.

How much do you charge for Conversion Optimization services?

The cost of a campaign varies greatly based on several factors, such as number of landing pages optimized, number of regions tested and how many elements will be reviewed. We can give you a better sense of program costs after our initial review of your program.

How long does the process take?

Programs typically take between two to four months from launch to completion. We're able to use our past history and knowledge to make programs run smoothly.

Can you make any guarantees?

We can tell you that our clients see major improvements in their landing page conversion rate after going through our program.

What if I have a PPC or SEO campaign with another agency?

eVisible can perform our Conversion Optimization services for you even if you are running PPC or SEO campaigns on your own or with other firms.