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Website Development Process

eVisible has found that the best approach to professional website development is a collaborative process between our agency and our clients. There are several steps that go into making sure that the development is as effective and efficient as possible. We've broken down these steps into the most important ones to give you a sense of the process that we undertake during the development of websites and pages for clients.

Planning and Research

The first step of our web development services is learning as much about your professional space and business goals as possible. We spend extensive time working with our clients to understand their unique needs, along with researching their competitive space to understand the website development tactics that will lead to the best results. This includes developing the structure and content on your website, including website architecture and wireframes. We'll work within your specific budget and time constraints to develop a plan that meets all your needs.

Prototypes and Design

At our design kickoff meeting, eVisible digs deep to understand client needs and goals before starting the design process. Using this information, our web development company will bring together all of the information at hand and create several draft designs for you to review. After receiving your feedback on the initial design, we'll create full prototype home page and interior pages using a variety of tactics such as HTML, CSS and JavaScript.


Once a prototype is agreed on, our professional web development shifts to the back-end coding and development of live pages. Our engineers will take on the entire process of creating the site, but we'll make sure that you're involved in reviewing and approving the work during every step of the process. Once the site is ready to go, we'll also provide you with the training to let you manage your website and make any content or layout changes easily on your own.