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Frequently Asked Questions

General Questions

What sets eVisible apart from other website development firms?

eVisible does more than put together great-looking websites - we specialize in all aspects of professional website development. We'll make sure that your site is more than just visually appealing; we'll ensure that it has all of the elements necessary to have a strong online presence. By using all of the graphic design savvy, artistic excellence and programming capabilities at our disposal, we're able to create powerful websites for our clients. Some professional web development companies only focus on the surface-level achievements of the look and layout of the sites they create, but eVisible makes sure that every aspect of the websites we create give them the best chance to succeed.

How much does developing a website cost?

The costs associated with developing a website vary depending on the size and scope of the web development services needed. Contact us for a full consultation.

Debunking Website Myths

I can design my own website with the help of a book made "for dummies."

Building a website is possible on your own, but the results that you get can vary greatly depending on your personal skills and knowledge. In order to properly put together a website, you need the right tools and software along with an eye for layout and design. Along with being complicated, website design is also a time-consuming process that can take you away from the important aspects of running your business. These are all reasons why turning to a professional web development consultant is often the right choice to ensure that your site meets all of your needs.

I need flashy animation, graphics and other special effects to make my website stand out.

Many amateurs believe that they need flashy, over-the-top graphics, animations and other tricks to make their website break out from the pack. The reality is that these gimmicks often have the opposite impact than what is desired. Over-stuffed websites often take too long to load or are visually unappealing. In other cases, they can distract visitors and keep them from the information they need. The best website designs achieve a balance of being easy to use but also looking great. eVisible can help you to achieve this balance.

Websites are just for companies that sell products online.

Even if you don't sell a product online, it's critical for your company to have a strong Web presence. After all, people use the Internet as their prime method of researching companies they are interested in purchasing products from or whose services they might use. Not having a website hampers your ability to reach your core audience. When we develop a website for you, we'll make sure to tailor it for your needs and what your potential customers are looking for when searching online.

It doesn't matter what my site looks like.

Your website is often the first impression that your business makes with a potential customer. Having a website that looks sloppy, disorganized or doesn't provide the necessary information can be a major turn-off for customers and keep them from doing business with you. In addition, the layout of a website can help to guide customers to make purchasing decisions. Just like it's important to have an attractive storefront with friendly staff, it's just as important to have a well-designed website.