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Local SEO

Small businesses looking to make a splash in their local market need to reach out to local customers. When people search for products and services online, search engines can use their location to provide them with content targeted to their geographic area. Smart businesses are able to use this fact to their advantage with savvy local search engine marketing that targets localized customers.

Local Results Equal Local Customers

If you've recently performed a search on Google, Bing or Yahoo!, you've likely seen local search results come up at the top of the page. Search engines are providing this highly localized content because its what their customers want. Instead of digging through search results that aren't relevant to them, people want to see businesses that are nearby. Any solid local business marketing strategy needs to include a strong local SEO component.

eVisible provides a full range of local search engine optimization services that will make sure your results are at the top when area customers perform searches related to your industry. We understand how local search advertising and marketing works and will work with you to develop a comprehensive program that elevates your local search presence. Even if your business stretches across multiple cities or regions, we can set up local SEO services that will reach out to all of the places where you are active.

Stake Your Claim to Local Sites

local search engine optimization starts with claiming your profile on localized sites. eVisible will make sure that you have a strong presence on top local sites such as Google Places, Yelp and Bing Business Portal. We'll work with you to ensure that review sites present an accurate and positive representation of your products and services, and that they drive people to your website. We'll also make sure that your site is listed on the top local business directories.

Marketing to your community has come a long way since the days of buying an ad in the local phone book. Let eVisible show you how to control your local presence and get your site in front of the right audience.

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