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Frequently Asked Questions

Search Engine Optimization Basics

How are sites ranked by search engines?

The method that search engines use to determine page rankings starts with listing the most relevant and authoritative results for each search query, but the algorithms that are used are much more complex. Search engines take hundreds of variables into account when scanning the almost endless sea of websites before returning nearly-instant results. These factors can include written content, the depth of content on the website, title and meta tag information, a site's age, the amount and type of in-bound links on a page and how often the site is updated. This makes search engine optimization extremely difficult, requiring unique expertise and experience along with a strong understanding of the ever-changing nature of how search engines rank sites.

Do search engines use similar criteria for ranking sites?

When you compare search results on major search engines such as Google, Bing and Yahoo, you'll likely see patterns emerge. That's because leading search engines use many similar criteria to rank sites, leading to similar results. Each search engine has certain unique approaches to their algorithms that will impact your search engine ranking. But any effective search engine optimization campaign you undertake will lead to eventual success across the range of search engines.

What impact does having Flash on my site have on SEO?

Using Flash technology makes your site interactive and does not necessarily hurt your SEO rankings. However, Flash technology is not easily indexed by search engines, making a site that relies heavily on Flash a potential problem for SEO campaign. In addition, overuse of Flash can slow down user experiences and lead to people being driven from your site. eVisible can work with you to migrate your current Flash content to a similar interactive format that is still powerful but more SEO-friendly.

What does having a dynamically-driven site mean for my SEO campaign?

Having a dynamically-driven website makes it important to manage the internal structure of your site in order to maximize your SEO potential. It's extremely important to manage the URL structure and make sure the meta tags and content are as search engine-friendly as possible. This allows individual pages and content (such as product names, descriptions and part numbers on an online sales site) to be easily indexed. eVisible can work with your dynamically-created pages to be friendlier to search engines and users, giving you the best chance to use SEO to improve your search engine ranking.

What triggers a search engine to penalize a site's page ranking?

"Black hat" approaches to SEO are tactics that attempt to unfairly manipulate the system to earn higher ranking. Techniques such as masking text, cloaking pages, loading meta tags with keywords or using manufactured "link farms" to generate high numbers of in-bound links are just a few tactics that can lead to penalties or even a site being banned by a search engine. As an ethical SEO firm, eVisible does not use these tactics to gain higher rankings for our clients. Instead, we focus on proven best practices using guidelines provided by leading search engines.

eVisible's SEO Approach

How does eVisible Approach the SEO Process?

eVisible takes a multi-pronged approach to each SEO campaign. We start by reviewing your keywords and making sure there are no barriers between them and the top search engines. This can include fixing internal linking errors, removing Flash content, creating custom meta tags and improving the URL structure. After this is accomplished, we build relevant and useful content on your site that is attractive to search engines, along with increasing the usage of high-quality in-bound links and accessing social media tools such as Twitter, Facebook and blogs. We treat each SEO campaign differently and can develop an affordable search engine optimization program for any budget.

What improvements can I expect to my rankings?

SEO is not an exact science, so we cannot guarantee any specific improvements to your site's search engine rankings or how long it will take to see results. However, we can say that it's been our experience that utilizing a targeted SEO campaign almost always leads to higher search engine rankings over time.

How are changes made to my site?

This fully depends on how you would like to see changes made to your site during the SEO process. Part of our SEO services include implementing changes that make sites more search engine friendly. We can either do the work ourselves or work directly with a webmaster or web designer to have them make the changes. It's up to you.

Do you outsource any of your work?

eVisible's extensive team has the depth of knowledge to perform most of our SEO work in-house. If there are instances where working with an outside expert is required, we rely on a talented team of outside writers, web designers and other experts proficient in SEO services. We only work with outside contractors when they will bring additional benefits to the client.