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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the "click through rate" and why is this so important?

A click through happens when someone sees your advertisement and decides to click on it. This can either be an advertisement that was seen on an outside site or what that appears on one of your own pages. The click through rate is the percentage of time that someone who is on a page with one of your ads decides to click on it. Click through rate is one of the most important factors looked at by web analytics consulting services, as it shows the effectiveness of an ad in capturing a user's attention and encouraging them to click on it.

How important are page views in evaluating my analytics?

The field of web analytics involves taking a look at all relevant data points; however, some are overvalued by the average website owner including page views. While getting people to look at your website is important, it's fairly useless if they aren't clicking through and turning a page view into further actions. Many other analytics are more important to consider when plotting a course for analytic success, such as click through rates, time spent on the site and the path taken when visiting a site.

What tools do you use to measure website analytics?

We use a broad range of the latest tools and technology to help evaluate the website analytics of our clients. Along with using industry standard tools such as Google Analytics, we also have our tools that we have developed based on our years of experience in the industry. By using a collection of techniques, we can paint a definitive picture of the habits of our clients' web users.

What can I measure with web analytics?

eVisible provides web analytics services that cover multiple potential entry points to your website. As more people are accessing websites through tablets, smartphones and other mobile devices, it's important for companies to recognize this and adjust their advertising strategies accordingly. eVisible can track analytics on websites, mobile sites, microsites, social media sites and banner advertising, just to name a few.