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Page Scraper

One of the most important factors in performing SEO is to understand the current state of your site. This can be challenging for any webmaster, especially if your site has lots of images, text sections and internal or external links. Search engines place a high value on having well-formatted HTML on a page. This can play a significant role in a page's Search Engine Results Placements. Elements that can impact your SERP include:

  • Header Tags
  • Bolded Text
  • Number and Ratio of Internal and External Links
  • Ratio of Image Links to Textual Links
  • Ratio of NoFollow Links

eVisible's free Page Scraper tool gives webmasters all of the information they need instantly to improve their possible SERP. Simply put in a valid URL and the tool returns a long list of elements for webmasters to use. You can quickly see information about headers, images, descriptions and other on-site SEO elements currently being used on a page. You can also find out which internal or external links are present on the page.

Whether you are reviewing your own site for future SEO work or want to do some competitive analysis on the websites of other companies in your space, the Page Scraper is an easy-to-use resource.


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