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Viral Marketing

Viral marketing uses the fact that most people - especially young people - want to be entertained when they go online, which can work to the advantage of businesses trying to market their goods and services. By creating entertaining videos, games and web pages, companies can grab the attention of the most important and influential customers and increase their brand recognition. In many of these instances, the best viral marketing services are the ones that reach customers without them knowing it.

eVisible has the skills and the knowledge to help you reach customers with a viral campaign. Our viral marketing services can help you plan and execute a winning campaign. Whether you want to promote a new product or drive people to your Twitter or Facebook pages, we can develop a program that is entertaining and effective.

What Does Viral Marketing Mean?

Viral marketing uses the power of the Internet to spread its message. When people like a video game, blog, social media post or online video, they share it with their friends. As these things are spread, more people become aware of it and the message that it conveys. When properly delivered, a viral message can spread quicker than traditional marketing methods and increase brand awareness. A great viral marketing campaign is fun and powerful.

eVisible offers a full range of services to help you with "going viral." Our viral marketing agency can take a program every step of the way from creation to execution. We can build viral campaigns such as videos web sites that will appeal to your target demographic, and then we'll create buzz for the campaign by seeding it with the most influential people possible. Using our search engine marketing experience, we make sure that your viral campaigns get traction quickly.

What Does Viral Marketing Mean?

Our viral marketing services include:

  • Viral concept creation
  • Seedings
  • Blog posting
  • Microsite development
  • SEO and advertising campaigns
  • Social media and mobile apps

Contact us today to learn more about our range of viral marketing services.

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