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Frequently Asked Questions

PPC Advertising Basics

What Can PPC Campaigns Accomplish?

Pay Per Click advertising is the latest breakthrough in online advertising campaigns. By only showing your ads to the people who are most likely to be interested in your business, you can target your campaign and create a cost-effective advertising solution. When done effectively and targeted correctly, a PPC campaign is the most effective way to get "bang for your buck" through targeted online advertising.

How Do PPC Campaigns Work?

Your campaign starts with the selection of targeted keywords frequently used by visitors to search engines such as Google, Bing and Yahoo. We create PPC advertising based on your keywords that will draw Web visitors to click them to learn more about your business. Each time a user clicks on the link and comes to your website, you pay a small fee. This means that how much you pay is dependent on how successful your campaign is at the ultimate goal of attracting visitors to your business.

Where Do Ads Appear?

The ads that you purchase will show up on that search engine or on a network of advertisers who have already registered their websites with that particular search engine. When visitors search for the keywords that you are targeting, they will see organic search results along with paid search results coming from PPC campaigns. eVisible can handle both SEO programs based on organic search results along with PPC campaigns from paid search engine marketing, giving you the best chance to reach out to your customers.

How Quickly Will I See Results?

PPC campaigns are among the fastest ways to see immediate results from online advertising campaigns. Within a week of your initial consultation with us, we'll build your campaign and start implementing your tactics.

How Much Does a PPC Campaign Cost?

With pay per click campaigns, you set a "maximum bid" that you will pay when a person clicks on your online ad. Higher bids mean that you will get better placement in paid search results when a search engine user enters one of your keywords. Bid price is just one of several factors which can control paid link placement, but it is one of the most important factors. Keyword campaigns can range from $0.05 per click for less competitive keywords or industries to $2.00 or more for very competitive campaigns.

How Can I Control My Budget?

When you run a PPC campaign with eVisible, you set the budget you want to spend. Part of our PPC campaign management involves budgeting your PPC advertising to meet your specific needs. Spending more typically leads to higher ad placement, although we can also help you to find the best ways to maximize the money from your campaign.

PPC General Questions

How Do You Manage Your PPC Campaigns?

We use a combination of Google AdWords and Microsoft AdCenter to manage our PPC campaigns. This represents 99 percent of total search traffic in the United States. These are the search engines used by major engines such as Google, Bing and Yahoo to show paid search results to their users. We'll also explore link development opportunities on social media sites such as Facebook.

What Are the Costs Associated With eVisible Campaigns?

We price our PPC management services based on how much you want to commit to your campaign. We'll evaluate your campaign after our initial consultation and give you flexible pricing options to start your program.

What Does It Mean to "Optimize" a Campaign?

Optimizing a PPC campaign involves making small changes to impact the return on investment on the campaign. Tactics used in optimization can include developing keywords, testing advertising copy, managing bids and analyzing program data. This is all done to determine which elements of a campaign are the most effective and focus our efforts on these parts. For example, we make sure that we're spending your campaign budget on the keywords that have the lowest cost per click and that provide the most potential for conversions.

How Can I Adapt My Program As We Move Forward?

We work directly with our clients to adjust their campaigns as needed. We know that your goods and services can change over time and that your sales focus can change as well. We'll adapt your PPC campaign to mirror the adjustments you are making to your overall marketing strategy.

Existing PPC Campaigns

What Services Do eVisible Provide That I Can't Do Myself?

eVisible provides the attention to detail on your PPC campaign that most companies can't provide on their own. With a dedicated team of PPC experts, we can devote the maximum resources possible to your campaign. Our singular focus allows you to get the most from your pay per click management services.

What If My PPC Campaigns Have Failed Before?

Navigating the PPC landscape involves expert knowledge and attention to detail. Doing PPC on your own is tricky and rarely works out as well as a campaign run by an experienced pay per click advertising firm such as eVisible. We know all of the tricks of the trade and provide the singular focus you need for your PPC campaign to succeed.

How Can You Help My Currently Successful Campaign?

We offer PPC campaign services for existing campaigns that are already working along with helping to launch new campaigns. We'll evaluate your current campaign to find areas that we can boost through subtle changes. We can review keywords to find new opportunities, play around with ad designs or develop new ways to bid. Your campaign might be good, but eVisible can make it better.

PPC Myths and Facts

Having the No. 1 Ranking For My Keyword Is All That Matters

Obviously, being the first ad that shows up when a person searches for a keyword on a search engine. But sometimes the expense that would be required to obtain the top ranking isn't justified by the results it would bring to your business. At eVisible, we take all factors into account when developing your PPC campaign.

PPC Firms Should Guarantee Certain Rankings, Positioning or Conversion Rates

There are simply too many variables at work to guarantee any aspect of a PPC campaign. Industry changes happen fast, and search engine algorithms shift constantly. We react as quickly as these changes happen, but these changes can also lead to temporary fluctuations in elements of your campaign.

Why Do I Need to Do Keyword Research If I Know the Industry?

While the primary keywords for your business might be obvious, you might not know the secondary keywords that can drive a large percentage of traffic to your site. Frequent keyword research will turn up new keywords related to your industry along with useful variations that will help with conversion rates.

Why Can't I Use the Same Ad Copy That's Always Worked?

Great ad copy for magazine advertising to billboards doesn't necessarily translate to great PPC ad copy. With a limited amount of characters to use and a lot of competing traffic, PPC ads need to be direct, eye-catching and drive readers to click on the link. We test a multitude of ad copy variations to see what will work the best and repeat the testing process again and again to ensure the best ad copy is being used.

Can You Just Tell Me What To Spend?

One of the main advantages of PPC advertising campaigns is that they offer a great range of options for spending your budget. We want to ensure that you are getting the most ROI on your campaign, so we offer multiple ways to set up your campaign. You can either set a maximum monthly budget and let us build a campaign that gets the most value for that expense, or you can set a goal for conversions and let us build a campaign that meets this goal each month.

Can You Implement a PPC Campaign That Needs No Maintenance?

The simple answer is no. PPC campaigns are extremely tricky and require vigilant monitoring in order to be as effective as possible. Seasonal shifts, industry changes and evolving search engine algorithms need to be considered through the life cycle of a PPC campaign.