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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the key steps that you take in your consulting?

Our SEO consulting company can look at a variety of factors that will impact your standing with the leading search engines. We'll review where you currently rank and compare that to your key industry competitors, along with seeing what they are doing with their sites. In addition, we can help you to identify the right keywords to target with your search engine optimization strategy. This will ensure that you rank for the best keywords and phrases that will lead to people coming to your site and closing sales.

We can also help you understand the "behind the scenes" factors that can play a huge role in the SEO success of a website. We'll review the key elements of web architecture and layout with you and review your site to recommend any changes you can make to help make your site more search engine friendly.

How much does your services cost?

The cost of our SEO consulting services vary. The factors that determine how much we charge include the scope of the consultation work, the complexity of your situation and how often you wish to meet with us to discuss your SEO.

Do you just do consulting?

Not at all. In addition to providing search engine marketing consulting services, we can help you implement some or all of your SEO strategy. Our team can execute integrated SEO campaigns flawlessly from the development of keywords to content creation and content management. We are also a top website design firm along with being a web development consultant. We can help you create a new website or redesign your existing site to be more visually pleasing and friendly to search engines.